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Make It A Great Day Tee

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These words are meaningful in our family.

Grandma would encourage children and grandchildren not to HAVE a good day, but to MAKE IT a Great Day.

We don't have control over all the things that happen in a day, but we DO have control of our attitude.

No matter the worries of the past or the journey you may have endured the day before, choose to make it a great day. While your mind may want to wander to a negative place, it is in your control to prevent those thoughts. Our "Make It a Great Day" tee prompts us all to take a second and search for positivity. We can never predict the next moment, which is more of a reason to make an effort for peace, happiness, and kindness. Whether this means smiling more, or taking some time for yourself, do what you can to make it the most incredible day possible.


  • 100% Combed and Ringspun Cotton
  • Eco Friendly Pigment Dyed
  • Runs True to Size
  • Front Graphic
  • Multiple Colors Available




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